Photos from week 89 - 12/12/10


 Well I spent the weekend making drawer fronts for all the drawers.  18 of them.  They are all made and now just need to go through my tripple sanding process (sand, wet with water to raise the grain, sand, repeat) then they will be ready to put on finish.  That will be the weekend of 12/18-19.


But Saturday morning, I moved an old chair out of my way one last time.  It came from mom and dad's house and I'm pretty sure it may have been from my grandfathers before that.  It was just sitting in the workshop getting kicked around.   It was pretty nasty looking with old dark stain and paint spatter on it.  I decided to just take my sander to it and a couple hours later was staining it with Mahogany stain.  I'm not positive but the wood may be mahogany too.


Anyway, below is the result of my super quick detour from cabinetry.  Not a professional refinish job by any means, but should be good enuf for a dressing room chair or something.