Photos from week 54 - 4/11/10

Once again, not a lot of photo worthy stuff.  Built sink base part of the Kitchen Island cabinet.  I still have to glue up the decorative end panel and then I can do some staining.

Did numerous little things like hanging some lights in the kitchen, hooking up cable in the workout room, etc.  Just some of the 100's of little things that need to get done.


Well, I decided to take the easy way out for the laundry room.  I went and got some cheapie pre-made cabinets and counter tops from Home Depot and threw them in.  And used the old handles from our previous kitchen to top it all off.  So now we have a work area other than a card table and more storage.



Here's the other cabinet and sink I installed yesterday.  As you can see, the dog wash (right) is the last thing to do in the laundry then I can declare the laundry done.


The entire laundry area as viewed form the kitchen doorway.