Photos from week 51 - 3/21/10

Well, the past few weeks have not been picture-worthy.  Finished installing the drawer slides in the bathroom cabinet, built the doors and drawer fronts, installed telephone jacks in the addition, set up a weight room in the old guest room.  Lots of little crud.


Finally cleaned out the new kitchen and started on the grout.  It looks little pink'ish with the flash but it's actually "Rust".  Problem is my two buckets got me about 4x11' of floor done.  I need to order about 4 more buckets.  Ouch.   These wood tiles are 3/4" thick so takes a lot of grout to fill all the gaps.



Here's the finished (cept for one little bit of paint at the back of the vanity) LOWER part of the bath vanity.  Now patty can start using it.  For those who want to visualize the rest, it will have a 12x12" cabinet on each end with frosted glass doors and then a decorative arch spanning them.  Then the whole wall under the arch and between the towers will be the 1x1" glass tiles.  But for now, I'm off to get the kitchen cabinets moving.


The last door for the addition is finally done.  This is the door to the laundry room from the hallway.  I wanted glass so that light would come into the hallway from the laundry window and door window.