Photos from week 47 - 2/21/10

 Well the cruise to Hawaii was fun but this week it was time to go back to work.


I picked up the granite this past Tuesday and got it installed on Friday.  I now have a great respect for the guys who installed the 10+ foot granite pieces in my "old" kitchen.  That stuff is HEAVY!

As usual, the plumbing took one extra trip to the store but it all went pretty well.   As you can see, I made an error in my painting calculations  :-).  So I need to paint the little area on the right side of the Vanity.  No biggie.

Today was spent installing the slide out rack under the vanity, and I got a few of the drawer slides in.  They need to be in before I make the drawer boxes so I can get a good measurement.  Got the Baltic Birch plywood for the drawers yesterday so by the end of next week, you should see some drawers in these cabinets.,


Oh, and I spent a while today getting this shower faucet monstrosity installed.  So now we have a Handheld as well as the main head.  They can be used one at a time or both at the same time.