Photos from week 43 - 1/24/10



Laundry room window is done


Laundry room door has been trimmed out.


The lower carcasses of the bathroom vanity are in.  I bought the sink today and will go some time this week to order the granite.  As shown by the folding chair, there will be a dressing table with 4 drawers to the left and a thin drawer above your knees.  The cabinets at each end will have a door front but it will actually be a pull out with 2 or 3 shelves in each.  Of course the usual two doors for the sink cabinet.


Just another view.  Don't laugh at the huge hole for the drain.  I got carried away with the saber saw. No one will ever see it anyway once the doors are on and all Patty's junk (err, valuable items) get loaded in.

Once I get the counter on, then I'll build the uppers.  There will be cabinets with glass doors and shelves above each of the narrow end cabinets with an arch between them going over the table and sink.