Photos from week 36 - 12/6/09


This was a weekend to finish the Lyptus floor.  


The view looking from the entry into the old bath and guest rooms.  (old kitchen to the right)  This took all day Saturday.  It was a pain with all the zigs, zags, etc.


Sunday was the day to finish up the entry.  But as you can see, I ran out of flooring.  I have 3 more boards to go and ran out!  Argh!  So time to order one more box.


The DREADED electrical outlet.  For those who didn't hear, I messed up big time.  I laid some of the living room floor last weekend as you saw from the photos.  Problem is, I overlooked cutting out the electric box in the floor after I put down the tar paper.  SOOO, I put flooring right over top of the bugger.  I realized it Tuesday night while laying in bed thinking about furniture placement and where the end table would that needed power.  Then DOH!

So Wed night and Thursday I used stud finders with A/C capability, triangulation of previous photos, you name it, to try and find the bugger.  I finally got brave and got out the drill.  Took me 3 holes to find it but fortunately, I was close enough to cover them all with the floor plate.




Here's the finished living room floor.  We cleaned out our garage a bit Sunday and moved some furniture in.  Still no moldings but it will be easy to work around things to get those in.


Another view of the completed living room floor.