Photos from week 34 - 11/22/09


My Friday consisted of 5 hours of sanding on the kitchen floor.  4 hours of the big drum sander from Home Depot followed by another 1 on the big 4 disk random orbit sander from Home depot.  

Saturday was 6 hours of putting polyurethane on each tile with a 3" paint brush.  I wanted to make sure the first coat was a real good one.

Sunday, was the 2nd (and I think last) coat and I used a lambs wool applicator.  Above was taken while the 2nd coat was still drying.

Thanksgiving will be spent doing grout and then starting on the living room floor.


Our bed was delivered Saturday and we spent our first night on our new bedroom.  

The day was not without some cussing and crying though.  Apparently one of the springs of the mattress was exerting pressure (not sticking our or anything) on the floor as we dragged it down the hall.  So we have a bit of a scratch (indentation) all the way down my new wood floor in the hall.  I know wood floors never stay perfect, especially with 3 big dogs, but still broke my heart.


Another view.  As you can see, we have yet to get window treatments.  :-)  So for now, the old quilt, some drywall screws and plastic zip ties serve as our curtains.

We finally go to put down the rug we bought in Cozumel.  We bought it a year and a half ago.  It spent last winter and this summer in the pod, then some time in the new garage, but it's finally on the floor.

And what bed would be complete without the carpeted dog step.