Photos from week 32 - 11/8/09


The kitchen floor has officially started.  I have patching compound down to fill all the gaps and level everything where I patched the floor where bedroom walls used to be.  And the first set of Luan sheets went down today.  I was advised by our carpet guys that it would be a good idea to have the underlayment that I will glue the kitchen "tiles" to rather than gluing to the existing hardwood.  Will make it easier down the road if I need to make repairs, etc cause once these tiles are glued down, they're noting coming up.  The 15# felt paper is to stop any squeaks caused by the Luan against the hardwood.


Pantry doors are up and shelves in place.  The doors still need to be stained.  Looking right.  The spare fridge is behind the right door (which is a fixed door that usually won't be open).



Looking left.  The freezer will go in the space at the left.


My communications/electrical area got some shelves last week.


The new toilet is hooked up and ready to go.  Cept for the red sticker I just realized I didn't take off yet.  It's an unusual shape but should make cleaning easier.  The base is perfectly smooth.  Some other features:  It's higher than normal by 1.5" or so.  Make it easier for us 50+ folks.  It is also a Dual Flush.  "Light" work can use the .9 Gal flush while the full flush is 1.6 Gal.  Should save some water.


This is the cork flooring that went down last week in the Master BR closet.  It's a little lighter than in the photo.


This is how I spent my Thursday morning on my Vacation day.  This is the stack of Kitchen wood floor tiles that needed to get moved from the garage to the living room area so they could acclimate to the temp and humidity of the house.  And YES, I counted the stacks when I got done.  2,132 little 3.5 x 5.5" tiles moved a container at a time.


The columns got painted this weekend.  I caught a break in the weather and it was warm so managed to get them snuck in before real cold weather hits.


We had some trees put in a week ago.  This is a Canadian Cherry tree in the front yard out from the new Guest room.


This is one of our new Autumn Blaze Maple trees.  It's pretty good size and got it for $95 plus installation.  Such a deal!  It's in the front out from the main front doors.


These are Rose Of Sharon's along the fence line on the North side.


Along the creek, we put in this Red Bud.  They're Gorgeous in the Spring.


This is Molding Central.  There's some standing by the wall, some on the horses to the right, and the stuff which has been stained is for the Master BR.  We wanted to get that moving so we can get the new bed delivered and start using the room.



This is the other Autumn Blaze Maple in the back yard.  It's out from our existing bath/guest room.