The Back Porch Is Finally In. 




Only took 5 years after the house was done to get around to doing the porch.


Here's a pic of the holes for the foundation

Another view



Foundation has been poured

Another view showing the two bases in the middle for the beams



The block and angle iron is in.



The Big A** I-Beams await installation


The corrugated steel that will sit on the Angle Iron, across the I-beams and the block.



Just another shot of the corrugated steel.



I-Beams are in place


The decking is in place



Another view


The re-rod is all complete.  To the right is the temp ramp so the cart carrying the concrete back from the truck can get up onto the deck.



Close-up of all the re-rod



TA-DA!  One completed porch thanks to the hard working guys at Italy American



Another view.  I still needed to put the little basement type window in place.  Good tornado shelter though.  :-)


And here is the porch as of July 2015 with the Shelter put up.