South America and Antarctica January 2019

Our itinerary.

We flew to Santiago Chile and spent the night, then boarded the Zaandam in San Antonio Chile.

We cruised down the west coast, then 4 days around the Antarctic Penninsula and then up the East coast to Buenos Aires.

This was our weather in the evening we left Detroit.  At 2 am that morning, I called Delta and put us on an earlier flight to Atlanta where we had to catch our flight to Santiago.


I was glad I did as it got really nasty right as we left.  We still would have made our flight had I kept the original but it would have been a rush to beat the door closing.

MS Patricia getting ready for out long flight from Atlanta to Santiago.

Lots of leg room.  :-)  On a 767, your feet go into an area under the seat ahead of you so you can lay flat.

Me on the left and Patty to my right.  All cozy.

Our cool little goodie case.  There was even a card to take to any Tumi store to have your case personalized of you wanted to do that.

Inside the case.  Socks, blindfold, toothbrush, ear plugs, etc.

Warm nuts before dinner.

Shrimps, soup and salad.

My filet, taters, etc.  Of course this was all served at midnight,.  I didn't get dessert but it looked wonderful,  Just couldn't eat that much food.

Rise and shine.  Breakfast served at 6:30 or 7 am just before landing.  Too much food.

We had phoned earler in the week due to some confusion over our room.  They must have felt bad cause they upgraded our room.  This was it.




Shower to the right, toilet and bidet to the left.


A view of Santiago from our hotel

The passenger terminal in San Antonio.  Kinda odd.  It's more of a commercial port.  You get off the bus from Santiago, walk thru the terminal and then board a shuttle bus to take you off to the ship to the right of the cranes in the picture.

Our room for 22 days

Pay no attention to the man in the mirror taking pictures


Pretty typical inside cabin.  Not real big but gooe enuf



Pier area looking toward town

The cranes from the previous photo of the terminal

Sunrise as we approach Puerto Montt

Large cross at Puerto Montt

We didn't make it to Puerto Montt (pic here of town).  The seas were too bumpy.  :-(


Onward to Castro on Isla Grande de Chiloe island.

Fish farms along the way to Castro

More of the buoys

Sorry, don't recall this mountain/volcano name (near Castro)

Fish farmers working "the fields"

A good day to relax on a buoy





I "think" this was a fish processing plant


Looking up the hillside on the way back into Castro.

This is what you call living on the water

First views of Castro


At anchor and reasy to tender into town

Zaandam waiting for our return


The main waterfront road in Castro

And looking the other way

A vendor market

Kayak rentals and the restaurant we ate at under the two tall trees


The mirrored window building is actually a shopping mall.  We didn't feel like climbing the hill.

View from our table at lunch.  We ate at El Mercadito de Chiloe.  Very nice little place.

Our appetizer. Calamari and I don't recall the other stuff it was stacked on.

My lunch.  Pastel de Choclo.  Corn pie made with meat, hard-boiled aggs, onion, etc.

Very goed except for the corn part.  I'm not a fan of corn mushed up like this.  Reminds me of polenta.

Outside view.  We sat on the porch.  And Patty is making friends with the local resident walking down the sidewalk.

Another volcano I don't recall the name of.  :-(

Headed up the fjords.


Another view from my morning walks.


Arrivingat Puerto Chacabuco

And there is the big town of Puerto Chacabuco

Morning view out the stern as we were anchoring and getting ready to tender into Puerto Chacabuco





Headed into Puerto Aysen.

Bridge thru Puerto Aysen




A roadside waterfall on the way to Coyhaique




Downtown shopping area of Coyhaique, Aysen Region Chile

A nice shopping district


Back to Puerto Chacabuco and headed for the ship.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The End